Saturday, 6 November 2010

Laurie the Lion

Laurie the Lion is new in SHELF.

Ethically produced in Sri Lanka by Barefoot Design, and designed in the '60's,
Laurie the Lion is hand made from hand woven & dyed cotton, stuffed with Kapok and shipped slowly by sea to Cornwall.
(this is proving to be a problem getting more stock in time for Christmas!) 

Barefoot was founded in 1962 in Sri Lanka by colourist, artist, designer and entrepreneur Barbara Sansoni.
They work mainly with women.
Nothing is mass-produced.  
No child labour is used.  
All employees are given a decent wage and benefits.  
There are no factories and no production lines. 
Each worker is responsible for the quality of the final product.  
Barefoot teach the skills and strive for quality from the weavers and sewers.

If you are a small person, you can sit on his back!