Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bumper stationery Pack
Crammed full with vintage finds each of these packs contain:

5 x 1LB Coffee Bags from Old Spitalfields Market
13 x Assorted Tickets
1 x Card of French Brown Darning Wool
1 x Tin of Lane's 'Big Ben' Bootpolish (original contents included, somewhat shrunken!)
2 x Broom Labels from The USA
2 x British Fizzy Pop Labels
5 x Finest Anchor Butter Papers from Lloyds Dairy, London, WC1
2 x Paper Bags from Shelf's own stock
1 x Pencil

Together with these non-vintage items:
Large Hungarian School jotter
10 x old fashioned wire and paper ties
a calico drawstring bag from San Francisco
1 x Shelf Sew-On Patch
and a tiny wooden, lucky black cat from Germany

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